One China Committee Members

Over 200 members in 20 States (CA, CT, FL, GA,HI, IA, IL, IN, KY, MA, MD, MI, MO, NJ, NM, NY, PA, OH, TX, WI), DC, and in Austria, Austrialia, Canada, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan

Mr. Kohan An (IN), Entrepreneur/Owner, King Hun Chinese restaurant

Mr. Andy Bao (MD), CEO, Sorcion, LLC
Ms. Nancy Bao (MD), Project Manager, Children's National Medical Center
Mr. Gene Bonk (IL), retired, Flying Tiger
*Dr. William Brace (IL), Professor Emeritus, Dominican University
Mr. John A Breinich (HI), retired Executive Director, Hawaii Medical Library
Ms. Gelinde Brixius (NY), JPMorgan/Chase
Dr. Molly Burke (IL), Dean of Business School, Dominican University

Mr. Jack Chak (NY), U.S. Post Office
Mr. Jen Pin Chang (IL), President, Champion Books
Mr. Yi-cheng Chang (IL), Agent, New York Life
Ms. Irene Chao (IL), retired Librarian, Chicago Public Library Chinatown Branch
Emma Chen (NY), LaBranche Structured Products
Mr. Abraham Chen (IL), President, Cosmo. Bio Healing Arts
Dr. Hong Chen (IL), Director, U.S.-Asia Executive Development Program, UIC
Ms. Isolde Chen (CA), President, Global Chinese Alliance for the Unification of China
*Dr. John Chen (PA), Professor of Mathematics, Temple University
*Prof. Kung Chen (NY), professor emeritus, Taipei Business and Technology College
Dr. Qi Chen (IL), Library Director, Agosy University Library
Dr. Sheying Chen (NY), Prof. & Assoc. Provost for Academic Affairs, Pace University
Ms. Si Chen (IL), Librarian, Chicago Public Library
* Dr. Frank Cheng (IA), Professor Emeritus, University of Iowa
Ms. Cora M. Chin (IL), retired teacher, Long Island Public School
Mr. Alan Chien (NY), retired architect
Dr. Shih-lung (Peter) Chu (IL), former Associate and Head, Structural Analytical Division, Sargent & Lundy Engineers
Mr. Chia Mou Chung (NY), Chairman, Central Police University Alumni Association
Dr. Anna Colmo (IL), Professor Emeritus, Dominican University
Dr. Chris Colmo (IL), Professor, Dominican University
Dr. Judy Curry (IL) Deputy Associate Chancellor retired and Professor of Communication, UIC

Dr. Andy Dai (PA), President, Philadelphia Computer Institute
Mr. Zhojun Dai (IL), doctoral student, UIC
Mr. Sheldon Dorenfest (IL), President, Dorenfest Group

Frank Fond (CT), Formax International, Inc.

Ms. Helen Gao (PA), Youth Federation
Dr. Yijun Gao (IL), Professor, Dominican University
Ms. Molly Ge (IL), President, National Coating Technology
Ms. Gregg Gethard (PA), freelance journalist

Mr. Xin Han (IL), Purchasing Agent, Equus Computer System
Mr. Di Heng (NY), Astrologer
Ms. Jeanne Henneh (IL), teacher, Prospect High School
Prof. Edward Ho (IL), DeVry University
Me. Joseph Ho (CA) Dr. George Hong (IN), Professor of History, Purdue University
Dr. Beverly Hong-Fincher (DC), Sociolinguist
Prof. Kevin Hopkins (IL), The John Marshall Law School
Ms. Cathy Hou (IL), President, American Chrome
Dr. James C. Hsiung (NY), Professor of Political Science, New York University
Mr. Shou-teng (Rudy) Hsu (FL), V.P., Omega Specialty Farm, Inc.
Mr. Tom H .J. Hsu (IL), Proprietor, Szechwan Restaurant, Chicago
Dr. J.P. Hsu (MD), retired professor of engineering
Dr. James S.C. Hu (Taiwan), Distinguished Professor Emeritus, National Taiwan University
Dr. Sharon Hu (IL), Professor, Chicago State University
Dr. Che-Tsao Huang (NY), Professor, CUNY-York College
Huajun Huang (NY), MD
Mr. Hunter Huang (DC), Founding President, Washington DC Association for Peaceful Reunification
Dr. T.C. Huang (WI), Professor of Physics Emeritus, University of Wisconsin, Madison
Alexander Hugh (IL), M.D.

Dr. David K. Jeng (IL), President, Link International Enterprises, Ltd.
Mr. Ying Jia (NY), Head, Technical Resources, New York Academy of Medicine
Dr. Shu Yong Jiang (IL), Professor, UICI
Guanyuan Jin (WI), M.D. br> Li Jing (NY), Fordham University
Dr. Frederick D. Ju (NM), Presidential and Balliburton Professor Emeritus, University of New Mexico

Dr. Harry Ying-cheng Kiang (IL), Professor Emeritus, Northeastern University
Dr. Gertrude Koh (IL), Professor, Dominican University
Ms. Coney Kong (IL), librarian, Chicago State University
* Dr. Shou E. Koo (CA), Professor Emeritus, Indiana University
Wiley Krapf, Jr., Esq.(China)
Mr. Richard Kuan, PE (CA), General Coordinator, Northern California Chapter GCAUC (Global Chinese Alliance of United China)
Ms. Susie Kuan (IL), Controller, Szechwan Restaurant, Chicago
Zach Kuang (IL), Data Analysist, De Paul University
Dr. Chung-wu Kung (MA), historian
Dr. You Yuh Kuo (IN), Professor Emeritus, Ball State University

Prof. Nikos Lambros (IL), Professor, DeVry University
*Hon. Chung-sheng Lee (NJ), former Grand Justice, Judicial Yuan, ROC
Mr. Kat M. Lee (NY), retired agricultural economist
*Dr. Min Li Lee (TX), retired General Manager of Nuccom Power, ComEd, New York
Ms. Nai-chaun Lee (CA), retired journalist, China Broadcasting Co., Taipei
Mr. Hua Li (NJ), President, Li International Co. & Inc.
Mr. Jian Li (IL), engineer, Chicago Elderly Apts
Ms. Lily (Yanhua) Li (NY), Douglas Ellman, New York
Mr. Raymond Li (Vancouver, Canada), President, JWC Business consulting Services, Ltd.
Dr. Tze-chung Li (IL), Professor and Dean Emeritus, Dominican University
Dr. Yi Li (IL), Dept. of Sociology, UIC
Mr. Yuanjun Liang (IL), President, Chicago Free Mason Association
Mr. Wah Lim (IL), retired professor, Technology University Berlin
Dr. Ben-Chieh Liu (IL), Professor of Business Economics, Chicago State University
Dr. Bill Liu (IL), Vice-President, NaviAsia Consulting Group
Dr. David Liu (Beijing, China), President, AON
Dr. Hong Liu (IL), Founding President, Jiangxi American Association - Mid-West Region
Mr. Jack Liu (IL), retired official, Taiwan
Ms. Jing Lin, MD (IL), Clinical Research Associate, Northwestern University
Mr. Richard J. Liu (NY), retired journalist, China Times, New York & Taiwan
*Dr. William Liu (CA), Professor of Sociology Emeritus, University of Illinois Chicago
Mr. Kevin Lu (IL), Ocean Tours
Ms. Mei-lin Lu (NY), Vice-President, U.S.-Shanghai Association for Eco-Tech Exchange
Mr. Tao Luo (IL), Teacher, Chicago Public School

Dr. Glenn Y.S. Ma (IL), former professor of history and political science, Augustana and Whitmann Colleges
Prof. John Ma (NY), former curator, Hoover Institute, Stanford University
Phlip Ma, Esq. (Shanghai), Attorney-at-Law
Yufeng (Ethan) Ma, Esq. (IL)m Attorney-at-Law
Mr. Stephen Markscheid (IL), CEO, HuaMei Capital Company
Mr. Russ M. Miller (MI), Chief Advisor, FESCO
Mr. Jim Molick (IL), Larsen Marine
Mr. Kwok Y. Moy (IL), Manager, International Seafood of Chicago
Mr. David Mungenast (WI), CEO, Gogolak Communications Group

Mr. Paul O'Malloy (IL), Collection Specialist, Illinois Student Assistance Commission
Mr. Chia Chun Ou (IL), Manager, Szechwan Restaurant, Chicago

Ms. Liping Qin (IL), Librarian, John Marshall Law School

Dr. B. J. Paschal (IN), Professor of Psychology Emeritus, Ball State University

Mr. Martin Reed (MA), Mass Health Social Worker
Dr. Al Rosenbloom (IL), Professor, Business School, Dominican University
Mr. Robert Rush (IL), President, Dragon Recruting

Ms. Amy Seetoo (MI), President, AAUW Ann Arbor Branch
Mr. Jack Shaw (IL), Proprietor, Superior Eye Care
Dr. George Shen (CA), retired engineer, Boeing
Dr. Michael Yingtao Shen (FL), professor, Stetson University.
*Dr. Thomas T. Shen, PE, DEE (NY), retired professor, Columbia University
* Mr. Charles Shih (CT), retired corporate economist
Ms. Verlena Simms (IL)
Elaine Sit, Esq. (IL), Attorney-at-Law
William Spence, Esq. (IL), Freeborn and Peters
Dr. Robert Sun (NJ), retired engineer, IBM

Dr. Paul Hong-chao Tai (CA), Professor of Political Science Emeritus, University of Detroit
Ms. Ling Tang (MA), China Born Kids
Ms. Lorna Tang (IL), University of Chicago
*Er-yi Ting (NJ), MD
*Dr. Lee-hsia Ting (IL), Professor of Education Emerita, Western Illinois University
Dr. Michael Tjeuw (Sidney, Australia), MD
Mr. Austin Todd (IL)
* Mr. Gregory Tong (IL), Publisher, Asian American News
* Dr. Te-kong Tong (NJ), Professor Emeritus, City University of New York
Mr. Michael Travis (IL), President, Travis & Travis LLC
Dr. Byron N. Tzou (NY), professor emeritus, National Chengchi University

Ms. Anna Wang (PA), retired teacher
Ms. Cathy Wang (IL), University of Chicago
Dr. Chi Wang (GA), former professor and dean, University of Guam
James Y.A. Wang (NY), former Senior System Engineer, Lockheed Martin Aerospace
Mr. Jian Wang (IL), Columnist, Sing Pao Daily News, Hong Kong
Mr. Jimmy Qiming Wang (IL), Network Engineer
Ms. Sarah Wang (IL), John Marshall Law School
Dr. Sheng-wei Wang (HK), physicist and President, China-U.S. Friendship Exchange (CUFE), Inc.
Dr. Shih-chi Wang (DC), President, Taiwan Alliance for One China Action
Dr. Xingwu Wang (IL), Professor of Biochemistry, Truman College.
Yong Gao Wang (IL), MD
Prof. Yu-hua Wei (IL), Founder, Dr. Sun Yat-sen Institute
Ms. Li-hua Weng, Esq. (MI), Pfizer, Inc.
Dr. Jane Wu(IL), Professor of History, Du Page College

Ms. Chunming Xia (IL), Librarian
Dr. Bob Xu (IL), President Chinese American Medical Association
Sam Shengqiang Xu (IL), Doctoral Candidate, IIT

Dr. Grace L. Yang (VA), Professor of Statistics, University of Maryland
Dr. Ta-Lun Yang (VA), VP, Ensco
Leung Yee, Esq.(China), Legal Consultant, Sateri Internaional Group
Ms.Justine Yen (Bengseng Lee)(IL) Retired Professor, College of Dupage
Dr. Tieh-lin Yin (MD), President, Institute of Sino Strategic Studies
Ms. Pamela You (MO), Eureka United Consulting Company
Dr. John Young (NJ), Distinguished University Professor Emeritus, Seton Hall University; Executive Counselor, Committee of 100
Mr. John Y. Yu (HK), Managing Director, Uni-long Investment
Mr. Ligong Yu (Austria), Columnist/Professor, Shih-hsin University
Ms. Priscilla Chang Yu (IL), University of Illinois
Mr. Haiwang Yuan (KY), Professor, Western Kentucky Univeersity
Arthur Tan-Chi Yuan, Esq. (MO), Senniger Powers
Dr. Tsing Yuan (OH), Professor Emeritus, Wright State University

Laurence Zabrowski (IN), Site Estimating Manager, BP Products North America
Wayne Zhan, Esq. (IL)
Jeff Zhang, Esq. (NY), Linklaters
Mr. Jindi Zhang (NY), Page College of Law
Ms. Synny Hong Zhang (MI), Mnaging Partner, Performance Institute
Dr. Zhuo Zhang (IL), Program Analyst, Tekeda Pharmaceutical
Ms. Bin Zhao (IL), Manager, Highland Park Public Library
Dr. Guohe Zheng (IN), Professor, Ball State University

* Deceased.