Department of State Press Statement, Oct. 18, 2003

Adam Ereli, Deputy Spokesman, Washington, DC October 18, 2003opn Taiwan election:

In March 2004, Taiwan will hold its third direct democratically contested presidential election. This will be another milestone in Taiwan's remarkable democratic development. The United States supports free and fair elections in Taiwan. The United States does not favor one candidate or one party over another. We look forward to working with whomever the people of Taiwan elect as their next president and vice president. The traditional bonds of friendship between the people of the United States and the people of Taiwan remain as strong and vibrant as ever. Taiwan and its leaders can count on the United States to pursue a steady and constructive policy toward East Asia and the Taiwan Strait area. We will continue to adhere to our one-China policy. We will insist on a peaceful resolution of differences between Taiwan and the PRC. We support constructive dialogue between the two sides as the best means to bring about, on a mutually acceptable basis, a lasting peace in this important region.

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