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Update 37
March 2012

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Dr. Ann Colmo (IL). Professor Emeritus, Dominican University
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Shengquang Xu (IL), doctoral candidate, Illinois Institute of Technology

A retired Taiwanese general claimed that Taiwanese and Chinese armies are both "striving for unification."

Hsia Ying-chou, ex-vice chief of Taiwan's air force general staff and former president of the National Defence University, said ""Our Nationalist army and the Communist army may have different ideals but we have the exact same goal to strive for the unification of the Chinese people."

Ties have improved markedly since Beijing-friendly Ma Ying-jeou became Taiwan's president in 2008, but political and military issues remain sensitive for the former bitter rivals.

The main opposition Democratic Progressive Party (DPP), which has been wary of closer China ties, lashed out at Hsia and vowed to amend a law to revoke pensions for retired servicemen who "damage Taiwan's sovereignty."

One China Committee Lunch Forum

This February is the 40th anniversary of President Nixon's visit to China and the signing of the first Shanghai Communique which affirms one China. In celebrating the event, the One China Committee sponsored lunch forum 11:40 AM to 3 PM on Saturday 18, 2012 at the House of Fortune, 2407 S. Wentworth Avenue, Chicago. 33 people attended the forum

George Anastaplo, Professor of Law, Loyola University, and and Robert Rush, partner of Dragonrecruuting gave speeches. Ioannis Lambrou, Elaine Sit, and Arthur Yuan were discussants.

Taiwan official expects smooth times with China

A Taiwanese official predicted Wednesday February 1 that China would maintain a conciliatory stance with Taipei, saying that likely next leader Xi Jinping has experience dealing with the self-ruling island.

John Chiang, the vice chairman of Taiwan President Ma Ying-jeou's Kuomintang party, said that Chinese President Hu Jintao has been the chief force behind a policy of "emphasizing carrots over sticks" with the self-ruling island. "I think these kinds of policies will continue to be there for wooing the support of the Taiwanese public," Chiang said.

Chiang said that Vice President Xi Jinping, who is widely expected to take over next year at China's helm, had plenty of experience dealing with Taiwanese when he served as a leader in investor-friendly coastal Fujian province.